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Bike Rental Guide and Prices

Guests can contact us to rent bicycles via 3 different ways:

1. Email us at least 24 hours (not including weekend and holidays) ahead for rental services and receive our confirmation via email. Our email address –
2. Call us directly and tell us about your height, bike type in need, do you need any back rack and other details about the bike and your own travel plans, helping us to prepare the most suitable bikes for you.  Call us at +86 773 3810665 .(GMT+8)
3. Read our bike rental address and the bikes available on each site, and then tell us in advance before going to our office, we will have a date on when we meet and what bike you need. We are having three addresses in Guilin city to rent bicycles, different bicycle type, size and prices.  Read more about our bikes and find the best place for your rental here.

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To rent our bicycles in Guilin, please read the prices and rental guide as bellowed:

Half day rental means you will return the bike to our shop in less than 4 hours and a full day rental is from 9 a.m till 6 p.m. If your rental starts at noon or afternoon in the first day, you can keep the bicycle with you overnight but need to return it before 12:00 at noon the next day.

We do not offer locks for guests as it is still very dangerous leaving the bikes alone outside the street in China. So in order not losing the bikes, it’s suggested to keep them in your hotel rooms, or parking them into shops/restaurants where you can see them and reach them easily.

To rent a bicycle, we need to keep your identity card or passport as a security deposit. We understand that ID card or passport is necessary for hotel check-in, so you can also pay cash deposit for bike rentals; the prices for different type of bikes will be different.

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Bikes and Rates:

Brand Mountain Bikes 27 speeds (disk brake):  RMB100 / one day and RMB60 for half day.
Self Assemble Bikes 24 speeds (V brake):  RMB50 / one day and RMB30 / half day.
Speed Change Tandem bikes: RMB80/ one day and RMB50/half day.

Cash Deposit for Bike Rentals:  RMB300/900/2000 per bike based on bike quality level.

Note: 24 speeds V brake bikes are enough for a one day bike tours less than 50KM around Guilin, they are self-assembled and with good maintenance, they are easy to ride and safe when there are not too much climbs up and down included in your trip. We will recommend disk brake bikes if you want to do a 3-5 days cycling on your own to further areas like Yangshuo, Xingping, etc. as there are some big climbs on the way and disk brakes are more reliable on rainy days.   

Guests should compensate for any bike broken or lost during the rental time caused by individual improper bike usage or accident. Please check your bike carefully before leaving. A guest should pay 70% of the bike’s price if lost the bikes.

* We are not responsible for any of your personal injury or lost during bike rental period.