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What to Expect from Us

GuilinCyclingTours has a very high standard on services. We went out again and again to discover the hidden tracks and trails, only wishing to cut the inevitable distance cycling on the busy road. We give up those sections with potential risks to our tour participants and always try best to arrange more places worth seeing and valuable things worth doing for guests. 

Please read the following story with photos from one of our cycling tour groups for reference. Our service and route is exclusive. We are not arranging you a boring bike tour cycling with mountain bikes but only on paved and busy roads, instead, we are showing you the real highlights in China, we design tours and quote the price based on your fitness and budget.

Following are the pictures and tour routes when three Dutch clients cycled with us in Guilin (tour finished at 28th March, 2016). They spent 9 days in Guilin and we cycled for 7 days experiencing the south and north part of Guilin. You can contact any of them to see if the photos or story are real or not.  Please say hello and introduce yourselves first if you email them. 

Jenny - or Maria - 

You will have a bicycle tour in China with GuilinCyclingTours like this:

Guilin City Bike Tours, Bike to Local Market in Guilin

Clents couldn't help to stay for a long time at the local root and wood carving market, they were amazed by the elegant works and wondered what a normal Chinese worker's life was really like.

Cycle Jingjiangwang tomb areas of Guilin.

Clients cycle to see the amazing relics from the ancient dynasty. You will have hundreds of unique photos and life-time memories after the tour. Besides, you need not worry that the places you are going to visit are over-commercilized or boring or crowded with common travel groups. 

Single Tracks in Guilin, Mountain Bike Cycling on Tracks of Guilin and Yangshuo.

You will cycle on the single tracks and trails with our tour leader, and meet some unexpected yet exciting challenge and have a fun-filled adventure. 

Off the beaten track bike tour Guilin to Yangshuo

Those peaceful mountains and big climbs have tested our wills and body but finally became our wealth in mind. 

Guilin Bike Routes and Tracks

A cycle trip in China never let you down as we are facing paved and unpaved, flat and climbs anytime. The tracks mentioned in itinerary may turn into a well-paved one in one week. 

Bike to Xingping, Guilin Bike to Xingping

You don't have to be surprised if you find tons of constructions or see road rebuilding during our trips, because that is a real cycling of China. We joke that soft tail mountain bike also fits us in many cases even for big climbs. 

Bike Tour to the North of Guilin, Longsheng Bike Tour, Xing'an Bike Tour

You’ll experience different thrill and find different sceneries on each new day, as we know that you are not only expecting to cycle but seeing a diverse world.

Bike through orchard and countryside Bike Tour in Guilin,

Therefore, our tour helps you to cycle through macadam and orchards. 

Bike tracks in the woods in Guilin.

We will bike through woods and muddy road. 

Bike to Daxu Greenway, Daxu Cycle Line of Guilin.

We slow down when biking on man-made but perfect roads and value every seconds hugged by the nature.

Bike and Cruise Tour at Guilin, Cycle around the Li River

We cruise on the Li River with our bikes. 

Bike to wild in China, Cycle in nature in south China.

Let us show you the local villages and lives. 

China Cycle Leaders, Bike Tour Guide in Guilin

Let's show our joys of cycling in Guilin!

Bike fixer in Guilin, Bicycle Technician in Guilin, Bike Tour Supportings

The smiles never lie, our team brings you a marvelous feeling like being at home. 

Visit to farmer's house during cycling.

A visit to farmer's house during cycling. We took photos with real Chinese farmers and visited their home and ate together. 

Happy guests and local Chinese.

Not just cycling. Seeing what a life is and feeling who I am is very important.

Cycle to Qingshitan and Jiangtou Zhou village.

Our wheel imprint appeared on those off the beaten tracks in China and then disappeared, but photos and memories don't fade out. 

Cycle on the tracks in Guilin.

Time on the road is so limited, we wish to stay as longer as we can, hoping one more minute with the nature. 

Dutch people cycle in Guilin

We feel love and being loved during our journey.

Breakfast with GuilinCyclingTours

We offer you much better food than other companies, yet we charged less.  

Leaders of Guilin Cycling Tours.

We have our own cycle jersey but Robert prefer wearing something given by his former guests. 

Town Irish guests with Robert and Amy

Because nothing is more valuable than your comments and gift to our leader. We will never forget you during our whole life.  

We treat you more like friends, not only a paid tour guest. We will feel honnored if you choose us and cycle with our company in Guilin and other parts of China.