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Yunnan Province

Yunnan (云南) , meaning 'the south of colorful clouds' in Chinese, is absolutely one of the best places for experienced cyclists as your first bike ride in China. Strategically located in the southeastern end of Himalaya Mountains, Yunnan has so much to offer. Sunny & mild weather, well paved roads, stunning sceneries and diverse ethnic cultures can all be good reasons to come here. With Tibetan, Naxi, Yi, Bai and other nationalities, Yunnan is a multi-ethnic province, which has most varieties of minority groups in China (25 minorities in total). Right here the traditional lifestyles and culture are still well preserved in their daily lives. Therefore, our bike trip is not simply cycling all the way, you will have loads of chances to see and experience the lifestyles of locals. We are very sure that this will be an eye-opening and self-developing journey for each participant of the trip. (Yunnan Cycle Blog)

Tours Option(s) of Yunnan: 

Classic Yunnan Bike Tour from Shangrila to Dali 

Who probably enjoys a bike tour in Yunnan most:

1. Cyclists who are fit enough for long uphill/downhill cycling (6-25kms uphill * 1 or 2 times per cycling day); 

2. Travelers who are fond of both natural scenery (branches of Yangtze River, gorges, snow mountains, highland lakes, etc.) and minority cultures; 

3. Adventurous travelers, who enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities like hiking, exploring unknow countryside, trying local food, etc. Those less capable riders can rely on our support van or electronic bikes to skip tough uphill riding and add more sightseeing into the tour. 

Not recommended to:The ones who do not accept some less paved roads (only less than 10%) among local villages; people with heart/respiratory problems; those who feel uncomfortable with the high altitude (2500-3000 meters above sea level).