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Central China

Central China (中原): The Central China is indisputably one major birthplace of Chinese civilization, which is centralized in Henan Province with neighboring areas. The trip will start from one ancient capital – Xian to another – Luoyang. Home to the capitals of 13 dynasties, both have great significance in history of China. During the heyday of feudal China, Xian and Luoyang were regarded as the starting points of the Silk Road. If you plan to have an in-depth knowledge of Chinese history and culture, this is a truly enlightening journey for you. What is more, you will have a chance to explore the 2 mountains: Mt. Hua (West) and Mt. Song (Center) of the Five Great Mountains in China, as well as the traditional cave dwellings of locals in this region. 

Tours Option(s) of Central China: 

Cultural Bike Recalls from Xi'an to Luoyang 

Who probably enjoys a bike tour in Central China most :

1. Moderate level cyclists, who love Chinese history and culture. There are loads of serendipitous discoveries here awaiting you to enjoy, and the cultural insights to savor;  

2. Cyclists who need a second trip to China & anyone or tour companies looking for a unique and less traveled route; 

3. Anyone who likes a mix of biking along valleys, river bank areas (flat) with hiking the mountains. 

Not recommended to: Those who prefer 4 star hotels or fancy food; the ones who refuse to skip some bike-unfriendly sections by car transfer.