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Central China

Central China (中原): The translation of 'China' meant the center of the world in the eyes of ancient Chinese emperors and the areas around the Yellow River and their old capital - Chang'an (now Xi'an) was a land with great strategic importances that worthy for local kings' fighting. Two great cities, Xi'an and Luoyang of the area were also one of the origin birth places of Chinese culture where capital of old China was set for 13 dynasties. The Central China was also the starting point for Ancient Silk Roads, and covers 2 or the top 5 mountains in China (Mt. Hua and Mt. Song).  Getting to know the religions and great Chinese constructions are also included there. 

Tours Options of Central China: 

Cultural Bike Recalls from Xi'an to Luoyang 

Who probably enjoys a bike tour in Central China most :

1. Moderate level cyclists who loves Chinese history, books, legends; 

2. Second time travelling to China / any private biker or tour companies who is looking for more cycle tours in China except those well-known ones; 

3. Anyone who wish to bike both along valleys, river bank areas (flat) and challenge the mountains, enjoy attraction visits and local insight cultures . 

Not recommended to: The one who mostly cares 4 star hotels or fancy food; the one who refuses to skip some not bike-friendly areas by car driving.