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2-3 day Corporate MTB Weekend Cycling

  • Tour Overview: This tour is perfect for cycling club or any organization who have limited time in travelling and biking in Guilin. We will tailor-made a 2 or 3 days itinerary based on your time, fitness and wishes. Riders will see almost all the valuable scenery between Guilin and Yangshuo area full of Karst hills and fully supported by small/big van(s) to have a 4+2 cycling only to those most beautiful part. You are required to cycle on mountain bike through all terrain for 50KM-110KM per day and we offer the best food you can find during the whole trip. This is the tour you need as it saves your money, time and brings everything you are looking form in Guilin and Yangshuo.
  • Duration: 2 or 3 Tailor Made Cycling
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  • Price from: $0
  • Difficulty: Tailor Made Cycling

Tour Itinerary

Difficulty Grade of China Cycle HolidaysGrade 3 Harder than moderate and cycle over 55-80KM (34-50 miles) per day through more hilly areas, usually 8-13 days’ itinerary is included in the multi-day cycle tour like this. All terrain will be faced during our trip and a total climb less than 15KM (usually the total vertical ascent and descent under this grade is between 500-1100M per day). During the cycle, more percentage of paved (concrete/asphalt) roads will be arranged but some narrow tracks and dirt roads are also included. Riders can get off the bikes and push some distance if you feel unsafe on those parts. Generally speaking, if you can cycle around 80KM per day through big mountain areas on mainly paved roads, this grade will not a very challenging one for you.  

Bikes: Your can bringing own bikes or use ours.  

Day 1 Friday. Arrive at Guilin (dinner can be arranged if you arrive before 6 p.m)

It is very convenient to take the fast train or plane to Guilin nowadays. We suggest your arrival will be at least in the afternoon as we need to start our cycling in early next  morning, time is very important for a good sleep and the possible visit of Guilin city.Our guide will meet you at train station or airport and help you for the transfer to Guilin city and hotel check-in. We can help you for part of the bike assembles if your bike arrives ealier than your group.

Day 2 Saturday. Gulin to Yangshuo (45-110km) B,L,D

Cycling and having lunch at ancient town, Guilin Bike Tour.countryside Road in Guilin Area

Big group cycling in Guilin, Guilin Bike Tour, Guilin Cycling Route.Preparation for cycling club for a Guilin to Yangshuo cycling.

We will tailor made the itinerary for each group. So you can decide to cycle all the way from Guilin to Yangshuo in 1-2 days or arrange some attraction visit into the trip and shorten the cycling distance to around 40KM. Normally we will use big van to carry our bikes and the guests to the place where we cycle or use it and finish the cycle on half way and then drive directly to Yangshuo. During our cycling, we will face different type of roads and scenery: well-paved flat roads, road with some broken part/simple paved roads or tracks, single tracks, dirt trails, etc. Riders can choose flat or mountain areas based on your wishes and fitness. We will give the best route and make sure you will see every tiny valueable thing on the way and will inform you the difficulty ,possible climbs and basic road surface before starting our tour. Lunch can be a simple supplying of sandwich and soft drink or normal meal in the best restaurant we could find. 

Day 3 Sunday. Yangshuo to Daxu (55-85km) B,L

Biking on Diversity Road in Guilincycling on paved road in Guilin

Simple lunch when cycling in Guilin.Bike Tour to Countryside of Guilin and Yangshuo, China Cycle Tours.

We can arrange a full day cycling in Yangshuo area on our exclusive route if you are going to leave from Yangshuo by high speed train. Please note that the train station of Yangshuo is actully located in the countryside of Xingping town, it is about 34KM from downtown of Yangshuo county. So if you are leaving on the same day of our second cycling day, please make sure keeping enough time for the rest and transfer to the train station. 

Usually we will arrange some cycling differs from the first day, we will cycle through trails, orchard, rice fields or big mountain areas with beautiful reservoir or old houses, and we will control the difficulty of cycling today, make sure you can enjoy the most worthy part in this area on mountain bikes while ensuring your safe return after the trip. The tour finishing point is not fixed, we can finish the tour on half way back to Guilin or somewhere more closer to Yangshuo. We will finish our cycling in the afternoon and then drive to the hotel for taking shower and pack our bikes and before going to the train station or airport. 

More northern part of Guilin area like the Longji Rice Terraces, Xing'an area can be desgined and arranged if you are cycling with us for more days or for the second time.

Tour Feedback

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Guide Price

Please contact for detail and price. 

You are required to offer detailed information like heights, passport numbers and names, etc. As we are going to prepare the bikes and everything for your group. If you have over 20 people coming, please contact as soon as possible for helping us for a better preperation of a perfect service. 

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