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Cultural & Scenic China Bike Tour from Xi'an

  • Tour Overview: This is a fully supported bike holiday starting from Xi'an (Shaanxi province) through the central plain of China - where the attentions worldwide focus on the Terra-Cotta Warriors and ends in Luoyang(Henan province) - where 13 ancient dynasties had chosen as the capital of China. The cycling is mainly through the beatiful mountains and rivers hidden in the old 'Central Plain of China' , regarded as the most important birth place of China's culture and the Han people, the majority of Chinese. Except the well-known attractions like Mount Hua, Longmen Grottoes, etc. Cyclists will also enjoy lot ridings and attraction visitings at less travelled sites and one of the mother rivers of China - the Yellow River.
  • Duration: 10
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  • Price from: $2642
  • Difficulty: New Tour 2020

Tour Itinerary

Day 1Arrive at Xi'an (D)

Bike Tour in Xian, Cycle Holiday Xian, Cycling the City Wall of Xi'an

Guests of this tour can choose Beijing or Shanghai as their arriving airport to China as they are closer to Xi'an, compared with other cities in the south of China.The bike guide and driver of this tour will meet you at the airport of Xi'an (XIY) and transfer everyone to our hotel. If you arrive early today, we will have a leisure riding on the Ancient City Wall of Xi'an in the aftrernoon before the welcoming dinner and tour presentations.

Day 2Xi'an Leisure Bike Ride and City Visit (B,L,D) - Cycle around 20-40 KMs

Ride Route Xi'an, Cycle the Greater Wild Goose Pagoda of Xi'an, Xi'an City Cycling

If clients arrived very late last night and had no chance to bike on the great City Walls of Xi'an, we will do it today. Both ancient and modern, Xi'an is now an international city receiving tourists from all over the world every day. The enviroment and air quality of the city is also on the top list in China, besides the palaces, towers, temples, meseums and preserved sites for cultral relics, the well-built ecoparks enables cyclists seeing the real local lives of Xi'an, where hunderds of birds are flying on the sky, plenty of beatiful flowers and willows are planted.

The cycling route today and what attractions we would like to see will be very flexible based on your wishes and fitness. We can choose a half day riding through the downtown of Xi'an (affected a little by the traffic but more chances to visit attractions on the way), or a leisure bike tests along the eco parks where beatiful rivers and bike paths locates, or challenge the uphill and downhill riding with the help of our supporting van all the way from Xi'an city to the small town near the Terra-Cotta Warriors, stay overnight there.

Day 3Visit Terra-Cotta Warriors and Bike to Mt.Huashan (B,L,D) - Cycle around 20 KMs

Bike to Terra-Cotta Warriors, Cycle Route Terra-Cotta Warriors, Bike around Xi'an

The Chinese tourists usually arrive and visit of the Terra-Cotta Warriors from 10:00 a.m, in order to avoid the crowds and to enjoy a more peaceful walking inside the meseum, it is suggested to get up early in the morning and buy the tickets as earlier as possible. After a 2-3 hours visit of the warriors and learning stories of emperor Qin - who built the Great Wall of China and called himself as the first emperor who unified the whole nation in the history, we will check out the hotel before/after the lunch. Driven by the supporting van for around 2 hours to the east and ride the highlight section near the old city and valleys before driving again and rest in Huashan Town. Prepare well for the hardest two days in the itinerary - the hike of Mount Hua and the cycling to pass it through the famous Qinling moutains.

Day 4 Hike the Huashan Mountains (B,L,D) - One day hike

Huashan Bike Tour, Cycle and Hike to Mount Hua, Xi'an China Cycling Holidays

Sitting near the Huaying city and being regarded as one of the top 5 sacred mountains in China, hundreds of legends, literary and artistic works were done based on its subject matter. Not as the other 4 mountains and Yellow Moutain, the hiking on Huashan is more challenging because of the precipitous stone ladders and cliffs less protected, the dangerous hiking trails have attracted tourists but also killed people every year. Both the hike today and cycling tomorrow are hard, so clients will decide to have a whole day hard walking now, or half days (around 5 hours) 'Highlights-Only' hike then back to hotel for most rests and better preperation for tomorrow's ride. Again, as one of the most popular tour attractions in China, getting up and enter the mountain is suggested as we don't stand a chance to beat the endless Chinese groups when they finish their breakfasts and occupy every inch of the land on the mountain.

Day 5Cycle to Lunan (B,L,D) - Cycle 55KMs

China Bike Tour, Most Beautiful Place for Cycling in China, Cycle to Huashan, Mount Hua Bike Trip

A short drive from our hotel to the cycling starting point after the breakfast allows us to relax our legs more. We are riding 20kms uphill right away and this ride will be in one of the most beautiful places for cyclists in China! For Most of the time, the biking uphills are not very steep so we can ride at our own pace and asend slowly. The road is wide enough and perfectly paved (even for road bikes), it is also opened for cars but most drivers coming from the other side all drive very cautiously as they are trying best not hitting other cars when doing downhill. We are expected to spend half of the day to finish the climb, it is not an easy job for beginners if you never faced a climb longer than 20KMs. Fortunately, the perfect scenery on both sides of the road stops us for photos and videos again and again, relaxing our legs and soul. All kinds of spetacular rocks we will never found in other places of China, all the valleys, brooks, and creatures, this is a cycling in the hidden heaven.

When reaching the top where scenery has gone, we will stop and drive to the real top of the road and enjoy our lunch there. Before getting rewarded with the longest downhill in the trip, double check our bikes and brakes is needed as it is much easier for cyclists to do downhill in the narrower tracks through smaller villages than our supporting van. We will ride all the way to our hotel or stop anywhere and drive directly for an earlier rest. Let's get the best bear and food to celebrate the big victory of conquering the highest mountain of the region tonight.

Day 6Cycle to Lush (B,L,D) - Cycle 60KMs

China Bike Tour from Xi'an, Bicycle Ride from Xi'an, Cycling along the Luo River

There is nothing more difficult than yesterday for our trip now.An optional early walking to the morning market seeing the deligent people working is not a bad idea if you usually get up earlier than others. Some of the towns of the area are living under poverty line in China. An intereting story about the old China 50 years ago and the new one from the guide and to explore with your own eyes surely brings us lots memories and thinkings after the trip with our company.

The biking today is much easier as we mostly ride descend along the limpid mother river for local people, we will have swimming chances for the whole day if the weather is warm enough (the weather in the central plain or north of China is much bike-friendly even in summer). Possibly some of the short but steep climbs or road constructions brings us a little trouble  but it is not a problem with the help from our driver. Singing with the river birds flying around us and cycling towards the waves in rivers that reflecting the crystal blue sky, the bike ride today will be fantastic way for our recovering. We will drive around half hour to hotel after the ride, avoiding busy traffics.

Day 7Boat Ride and Cycle to Sanmenxia (B,L,D) - Cycle 40KMs

Boat Cruise when cycling in China, Small Yangtze River Cruise, Cycling and Boating cross the Reservior

One of the must-do things in China is the boat cruise of the Yangtze River, which is far more south in the areas we are riding. However, we are having the chance to take the boat today to enjoy an 2 hours cruise experience on the cleanest local reservoir. The scenery and feeling on the boat is regarded very similar to the ones on the Yangtze River while the difference is, we will not have a fancy 4 or 5 star boat but a local boat that runs out gas frequently;and the captital needs to stop cool down its engine some times, which is very interesting and not easy to forget. The boat experience part today is also flexible to be changed into an 2 hours cycling if the weather is not very well for an 2 hours sitting on boat without shullter. The reservoir is located among the mountains and the boat drive takes us to the areas with more cave dwelling where people once lived but abandoned nowadays.

Bike Tour to the Pit-house of China, Cycle Sanmenxia, Bike Tour in Shaanxi Province and Henan Province

After the lunch, an hour drive takes us to the area where featured local buildings locates - the Pit Houses in China (pronouced Dikeng Yaodong in Chinese).A pit-house is frequently called a sunken featured building, we bike this afternoon all the way to the well-preserved scenic spot for the pit houses and also to the natural ones left by the ancestors of Chinese in the Centrail Plains. Again, we spend a wonderful day with the knowledge of our wonders about such an special architechture in China, and ride or drive to our hotel at Sanmenxia city for overnight.

Day 8 Cycle around Sanmengxia and the Yellow River (B,L,D) - Cycle 45KMs

Bike Tour along China's Yellow River, Cycling along the Yellow River, Bike Tour to Sanmenxia Dam, Henan Bike Tour

To get a better understanding of the wisdom from ancestors and lives along the Yellow River, our ride today focus on the mother river of China. Following the side streets and parks, we leave the city and heading to the Sanmenxia Dam – a construction over 60 years old and being regarded as the first shield protecting the lower areas, used for the upstream sand discharging and the downstream water controls. We will cycle and visit the spectacular side where flood is discharging.

A bike ride leads us all the way down to the river bank, the power coming from the stream and the grandeur when water splashing onto our faces will become the most impressive highlights today before crossing the Yellow River and ride into the junctions of Shanxi province. Pedaling with a great joy and following the great river mother where Chinese culture was born thousands of years ago, we will bike further with gentle ascend to the top and then overlook one more time before saying goodbye and leave the area. A comfortable drive back to our hotel in Sanmenxia and spend one more night there.

Day 9 Drive and Cycle to Longmen Grottoes of Luoyang (B,L,D) - Cycle 30KMs

Bike to Longmen Grottoes, Cycling around Luoyang, Luoyang and China Bike Tour

We will not waste our time on the busy roads with constructions between Sanmenxia and Luoyang, that's why we will drive around 2.5 hours directly to Luoyang city then enjoy the riding along the beautiful rivers, parks, featured city building and ancient city gates and walls, finish our ride at Longmen town and enjoy a good rest there or visit the grottoes (around 2-3 hours) before our farewell dinner. Longmen grottoes complex is one of the three notable grottoes in China.In 2000 the site was inscribed upon the UNESCO World Heritage List as “an outstanding manifestation of human artistic creativity,” for its perfection of an art form, and for its encapsulation of the cultural sophistication of Tang China, finishing this bike tour in China at Longmen will be a best ending of our memory together. - P.S if time left today is not enough after the drive and cycling, we will visit the attractions the next morning.

Day 10 Departure (B)

Same as Xi'an, Luoyang was the captical city for 13 times in China's history, which shows the importances and advantages of its location. this is a place worths for more days, you can book some optional one or two day tours with our company - like visitng the Songshan Mountain (also one of the Top5 mountains) and the Shaolin temple (represents the Chinese Kungfu). Ending your tour anytime and fly back home/your next travel destination.

Guide Price

2020 price:  USD2650 p.p (starts from 2-3 people) - full supported. 

Dates:  15th May 2020, 9th June 2020, 1st August 2020. 

Private tour escorted by an English Speaking guide.  International trains/flights.
9 nights’ accommodations.  Visa arrangement.
Meals are included as specified (B=simple breakfast available on the street, L= simple lunch available when passing by noodle shop/small easy cooking restaurants, D=Dinner at nicer restaurant for not expensive dishes ).   Optional tours & Personal expenses.
27 speed mountain bike. Better self-assembled touring bikes / gravel bikes are available by extra paying.  Insurance*;
Entrance fees: 1 scenic spot in Xi'an (Like Big Wild Goose Pagoda), Terracotta Warrios Museum,Hua Mountain and One Cable car,Dikeng Yaodong Museum (with glass bridge) ,Sanmenxia Water Dam and Longmen Grottoes.   Tips, gratuities, personal expenses;
Drinking water supplies during cycling and hiking.   Helmet or cycling gear (our bike pedals are standard and may not suit you);
Bike technician, driver and supporting van support.   Departure airport/train station tranfers from Luoyang after the tour finishes.

*Please note that obtaining your own travel insurance is required in order to participate on this biking tour. It will need to include a minimum coverage of medical expenses with emergency evacuation, personal liability and accident insurance. Our biking leader will need to see a copy of your insurance at the group meeting on the first day. We reserve the right to refuse you if you do not carry such an insurance policy.


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