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Guilin Cycling Tours is the first professional cycling tour company based in south of China. We are not on the top list by searching some keywords about cycling in China but we are the real local company who is running the business – organizing and leading cycling groups, giving bike and tour suggestions and updating bikes and routes every year. We are highly praised and widely recognized from our own clients and western bike tour partners thanks to our quality service, unparalleled travel experience and reasonable prices. GCT team has been working on tour products with passions that help the clients to better understand the country and her people. !



  • Yunnan Province
  • Central China
  • East of China (Hui and Hang Areas)
  • Yunnan (云南) , meaning 'the south of colorful clouds' in Chinese, is absolutely one of the best places for experienced cyclists as your first bike ride in China. Strategically located in the southeastern end of Himalaya Mountains, Yunnan has so much to offer. Sunny & mild weather, well paved roads, stunning sceneries and diverse ethnic cultures can all be good reasons to come here. With Tibetan, Naxi, Yi, Bai and other nationalities, Yunnan is a multi-ethnic province, which has most varieties of minority groups in China (25 minorities in total). Right here the traditional lifestyles and culture are still well preserved in their daily lives. Therefore, our bike trip is not simply cycling all the way, you will have loads of chances to see and experience the lifestyles of locals. We are very sure that this will be an eye-opening and self-developing journey for each participant of the trip.

    Tours Options of Yunnan: 

    Classic Yunnan Bike Tour from Shangrila to Dali 

    Who probably enjoys a bike tour in Yunnan most :

    1. Cyclists who are fit enough for long uphill/downhill cycling (6-25kms uphill * 1 or 2 times per cycling day); 

    2. Travelers who are fond of both natural scenery (branches of Yangtze River, gorges, snow mountains, highland lakes, etc.) and minority cultures; 

    3. Adventurous travelers, who enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities like hiking, exploring unknow countryside, trying local food, etc. Those less capable riders can reply on our support van or electronic bikes to skip tough uphill riding and add more sightseeing into the tour. 

    Not recommended to: The ones who do not accept some less paved roads (only less than 10%) among local villages; people with heart/respiratory problems; those who feel uncomfortable with the high altitude (2500-3000 meters above sea level).

  • Central China (中原): The translation of 'China' meant the center of the world in the eyes of ancient Chinese emperors and the areas around the Yellow River and their old capital - Chang'an (now Xi'an) was a land with great strategic importances that worthy for local kings' fighting. Two great cities, Xi'an and Luoyang of the area were also one of the origin birth places of Chinese culture where capital of old China was set for 13 dynasties. The Central China was also the starting point for Ancient Silk Roads, and covers 2 or the top 5 mountains in China (Mt. Hua and Mt. Song).  Getting to know the religions and great Chinese constructions are also included there. 

    Tours Options of Central China: 

    Cultural Bike Recalls from Xi'an to Luoyang 

    Who probably enjoys a bike tour in Central China most :

    1. Moderate level cyclists who loves Chinese history, books, legends; 

    2. Second time travelling to China / any private biker or tour companies who is looking for more cycle tours in China except those well-known ones; 

    3. Anyone who wish to bike both along valleys, river bank areas (flat) and challenge the mountains, enjoy attraction visits and local insight cultures . 

    Not recommended to: The one who mostly cares 4 star hotels or fancy food; the one who refuses to skip some not bike-friendly areas by car driving.

  • East of China (Hui and Hang Region 徽杭地区):  This region was the same place one political power (Wu) located In the famous Chinese book - the Three Kingdoms. Nowadays, it has become one of the richest regions and most famous small commodity economical area of China, Shanghai is the best example. The cycle in Hui and Hang areas means a cycle not only covers Zhejiang province but also Anhui and Jiangxi province, where the well known Hui style architectures locates. This area was the 'South of Yangtze River' described as the paradise for ancient emperors looking for wise scholars and beautiful ladies, and now it has become the one of the must-visit list for domestic tourists because the famous Yellow Mountain and beautiful old towns, rivers and lakes nearby. 

    Tours Options in East China: 

    Bike from the Yellow Mountain to porcelain capital;

    Who probably enjoys a bike tour in East China most :

    1. All level cyclists who loves to have a bike holiday in China and will arrive from Shanghai; 

    2. Second time biking in China / ready to visit China for more than 1 month including the hike of the Yellow Mountain; 

    3. Who is less confident to conquer the bike ride in south or western part of China (where more hills and longer uphill ride is needed). 

    Not recommended to: Extreme bikers; people not interested in history; people who is looking for very remoted Chinese rural life experiences.

Experienced Team for Bicycle Tours and Outdoor Activities

  • Charlie Chen
  • Bobby Wu
  • Robert Liu
  • Mr Bai
  • Mark Tang
  • Forrest Wu
  • Senior China travel manager, Charlie has over 10 years working experience with foreign travelers, arranging their regular China tours, cultural tours, hike tours, tea tours, and also the professional bike tours. He is highly recommended by our former clients and also the colleagues in the company. His strong sense of responsibility strengthens the relationship between you and us.
  • Bobby is a Miao minority man and grew up in a town neighboring Guizhou. He knows the South China minority groups very well, and specialized in many fields, like car fixing, surgical operation, professional English guiding of cycling and trekking tours, car driving for both small and big vans, etc. This guy is more reliable than you can imagine.
  • As a native in Guilin city, Robert has unique understanding of long-distance bike tours in China as he really cycled a lot, he also knows very well about the repair and assembling of bicycles. He is experienced in designing, arranging tours based on guest's need and is glad to give suggestions making your trip easier and happier.
  • That's the Mr. Bike! Bai has spent over 20 years on bicycles industry and he is the master of bike technician in Guilin for sure. His persistence on bike parts and proficient driving skills helps our tour participants to finish the cycling trip more comfortable and safer. Don't forget to bring your puzzled bike parts to him if there are any problems because Mr. Bai will fix it!
  • Born in the countryside of Guilin, Mark is a passionate and kindhearted young guide; he is always wishing to help even for free. He finished his trekking alone around Annapurna in Nepal and helped a lot to local people after the big earth quake there in 2015. He regards the opportunity to serve you as the most valuable thing.
  • A strong-willed man with curiosity to learn things, Forrest knows more off the beaten tracks and paths than most local people in Guilin. With the living experiences in Ghana, he will bring you more than normal bike tour. He loves exploring less-commercialized tracks on bike and has become a funny and friendly tour leader full of stories and Chinese cultural lessons.