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Why Local China Bike Tour Company

Despite of the language barriers and culture differences, anyone who owns a bike can start their bike tour in China at anytime. Why find the people who actually do it!? Why book a more expensive guided tour with GCT?

China Bike Tour with Locals

Be with our clients. Forrest organized and served his group as a guide.  

Advantages of service level

a. Finding a real local tour operator means a guarantee of high standard tour services: You will not stay in a small and narrow room while the price you have paid worth a 3 star hotel. A local bike company will always describe you the fact of cycling in their areas and how good / bad the food or rooms will be based on the real condition, they will not exaggerate the tour experiences only wishing you to pay for that tour, because they value the clients more than the middle man.

b. Enjoy the up to date routes enjoy the best experience during your bike tour in China: Local Chinese knows how often and how fast the roads are changed, we are happy to give you more suggestions and email you to communicate well before designing a tour for you, otherwise it is very embarrassing when you are here then find the route we discussed and decided is too hard or too boring under your expectation. We wanted you to be happier here, not just following a boring cycle from A to B, arriving hotel at 5-6 p.m after suffering the climbs on the mountain or roads with constructions for most of the day. It is hard for a third party to reorganize the tour detail changing if they only send 1-2 groups to China every 2 years and they are not happy seeing their routes and descriptions online to be changed or to be designed with higher costs due to the changes in China.

China Bike Tour Company

Our bike leaders cycle frequently in China and keep updating the valueable parts for cyclists into our tours.  

c. Being more cared as a VIP client: A subcontract bike tour means you are only 1 member of the big group who has to follow the same itinerary, food, hotel as planned with no (or very little chance) to change tour details. The guide has no power to change things to better serve you according to company rules, meaning you have to finish your cycling even it is raining / when you are sick without the supporting van’s help, or tolerate some food you dislike. Because a third party earning commissions definitely does not want to increase their cost and losing the profit or change tour prices – making their tours less competitive. When finding the real local bike tour company in China, it doesn’t only mean you will get a cheaper price, but also means you can tell the people who will lead you tour what you want and what they can change and make a tailored better ways when you arrive China.

Cycling in China countryside, experience the real local lives.

You will find Chinese are very friendly and we love showing you real local lives.  

More values of your money paid

a. A subcontractor will charge everyone the same price no matter there are 5 or 20 in the group while a real local bike tour organizer in China only earns less money based on your tour numbers, as they know when you are back with satisfaction, more of your friends or families will come in the future.

b. Better hotels and food: The local tour organizer always cares more about your personal wishes (e.g, we will try best finding bakery selling western style breakfast instead of letting you having local noodles every morning, or we will prepare and bring toast machine and bread and make coffees for clients, not charging extra fees. We enjoy those days staying and travelling with you, not only just a servant who needs to finish his job; we treat you as friends and send your tour organizer as your tour guide if possible.

Enjoy the best local food during your bike tour in China.

You have our promise that the food and restaurants including are always the best.  

c. More flexible cancellation fees: most of the time, even when clients had to cancel their tours in the last minute due to injury, job changing which affected their tour plans, etc. We will still try to give back the tour fee paid as much as possible and only deducting some basic service fee for the preparations (and emailing time and works) or some non-refundable fees like room cancellation or compensation fees to the guide or car hires. Delaying your travelling to another date under the same price, or shorter your tour time and get some money back, we are more flexible than subcontractors.

Having fun during your bike tour in China is most important

Kids' stuff? It doesn't matter at all as the happiness are the same.  

d. The local organizers and leaders who actually do the tour will always offer more than an assigned team by subcontractors: The guide (team) local people sent for your group does not mind if you arrive one day earlier than the schedule or leave one day later after the tour is finished, they are willing to help for giving suggestions and services under basic costs, or even for free, you are always be our VIP clients. We never pretending to be an expert answering all your questions because we know there are certain things we don’t know. In short, beside the tour, you will get a very honest friend in China.

GCT shows more cultural experiences while cycling in China.

Take a break during the cycling and try how local people feels.  

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