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GCT Tour Leaders/Guides

To be a GCT leader/guide, he is passionate about travel and what he is doing. All of them are eager to introduce you to the people, places, and traditions that make your travel experience unique. You can have an insider’s knowledge of the best places to explore, dine, and shop – along with local customs that will be useful to you. With the assistance of GCT leaders, you’ll connect with the destination and enjoy a perspective on local life and hidden gems most visitors never know.

GCT delivers quality training programs to educate our guides/leaders what to do and how to do. We also provide effective mentoring, fair pay, and adequate insurance. Our leaders love what they do, and it shows. Unlike the tour guides of other companies, our guides/leaders won’t waste your precious time at tourist shops to get kickbacks. On many occasions, GCT leaders act more than just guides, they maximize your time in every way, so you will have a fun, inspiring and hassle-free tour possibly beyond your expectation.

Guests love our leaders/guides, because they are devoted to their work and willing to go the extra mile. One mission of GCT is to improve the leaders all the ways and make them feel motivated and rewarded at work, so they enjoy what they are doing, and convey the joy to the clients. We agree with what many of clients said: these intelligent, engaging and enthusiastic young people are treasures of GCT. In this small company, we are families, and close friends. After a fantastic, memorable, even life-changing trip, your GCT leader may also become a true friend of you.

Below are a few of the accomplished guides you’ll meet on a GCT Guided Adventure:


China Cycle Tour Leader, Bobby Wu with Guilin Cycling Tours

Bobby is an ethnic of Dong origin, and grew up in a small town neighboring Guizhou. Due to his background, he knows the minority groups like Dong, Miao, Yao and Zhuang in Southwest China very well. Besides working as an English speaking guide, he is a talented and humble generalist, who can cook delicious food, drive/fix big trucks, use patrimonial therapies to cure diseases, do the accounting work, etc. This guy is the one you can put your trust in.


China Cycle Tour Leader, Robert Liu with Guilin Cycling Tours

A native in Guilin city, Robert has tons of long-distance cycling experiences in China as he really rode extensively from south to north, east to west of the country. Thanks to his passion for bikes, Robert excels in how to repair and assemble them. He is also experienced in designing and arranging tours based on guests’ need. Leave your travel dream to him, he will help you to work out a fantastic trip. When working as the bike tour leader/guide, he always takes very good care of clients and goes the extra mile to make the trip smooth and pleasant.


China Cycle Tour Leader, Forrest Wu with Guilin Cycling Tours

A strong-willed man with curiosity to learn things, Forrest knows more off the beaten path places than most of local people in Guilin. With the working experiences in Ghana, West Africa, he is always flexible and patient to listen to the voice of clients. Like what many clients commented on him, it is great fun and relaxing to travel with Forrest, especially in the middle of nowhere. He is modest, and eager to learn and explore the unknown, which makes him an accomplished and reliable guide in the team.


China Cycle Tour Leader, Mark Tang with Guilin Cycling Tours

Born in the countryside of Guilin, Mark is a humble and kind-hearted young man; he is always ready to help, even without payback. He finished his trekking alone around Annapurna in Nepal and helped local people a lot after the massive 7.8 magnitude earth quake hit there in 2015. He loves sharing his old stories and new discoveries with clients. To be with him, you can feel free to let him know what you expect, he can usually manage to show you something amazing.