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Bike Tours in Qinghai

The name of the biggest plateau of China is Qingzang, which is composed by two characters – Qing and Zang, abbreviation for Tibet province and Qinghai province. Therefore it is of no doubt that Qinghai is a real highland located in the northeast of Tibet.

Mountain Bealock in Qinghai, Prayer Flags on Tibetan Highland.

Cycling in Qinghai is amazing as riders will bike on highland with an altitude over 4000M during many times. The average elevation in Qinghai is similar to Ali areas of Tibet, both regarded as a road to the heaven. The bealocks and prayer flags will accompany the riders when cycling in Qinghai. 

Qinghai  Lake Bicycle Race, Cycle around Qinghai Hu

A bike tour at Qinghai province is one of the dreams for bicycle fans in China as they can expose themselves in the nature on such a high altitude, and can discover many Tibetan food, scenery and culture there. The bike tour around Qinghai Lake is one of the top tours for Chinese cyclists while international road bike racing are held there every year.

Hui Minority People at Qinghai

Except the Han people (the majority of Chinese), other major nationalities living in Qinghai province are Tibetan people, Hui people and Sala people. Most of the Hui and Sala people believe in Mohammedanism and many restaurants along the road were opened by Moslem people. Tibetan residents exist mainly in western part of Qinghai.

Noodles are the most popular food when doing a bike tour at Qinghai, fruits on the highland are extremely expensive as only few of them are not imported from other provinces. Therefore, sausages, pork luncheon meat, tea leaf, instant coffee, chocolate and peanuts will be the best options for riders.

Mutton BBQ, Snacks and Cycle in Qinghai

Cycling from Xining (the capital city of Qinghai province) to Lhasa without any car supports may cost us over 20 days and covers near 2000KM. A bike tour to Qinghai lake is so popular also because the surfaces around that areas is much easier than the western part of the province. To finish the cycling around the lake, you will only need to overcome some undulating or slopes not very steep and not very long. Qinghai Lake therefore, has become the heaven for those not so skilled riders. Cycling around the lake starting and ending at Xining only cost you about one week.

Noddles is the main food in Qinghai

The accommodation quality in Qinghai is not so good; many of the hostels available on the road only offer very basic rooms which were just separated from their lobby or kitchen. Prices for a bed to stay overnight there will only cost you around CNY20.