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GCT Mechanic and Supporting Van

For those bike tours supported by vans, you don’t need to carry anything on your bikes (except your water!). Stepping the pedals then enjoy the scenery, suffering the painful biking up the challenging hills and then rewarded with your favorite down from the mountains. Participants are ensured with a safe luggage kept on our vans, leaving your valuable property and passport on the vans is much safer than keeping them in your cycle jersey.

Supporting van of China Bike Tours, Supported Bike Tours in Guilin

Water is supplied for a bike tour, the driver will stop every 20-40 minutes and supply us with water, snacks are provided, and you can keep some in your pocket or take it when we stop. We offer food and snacks which are good to recover from the exhaustion like all kinds of fruit, biscuit, cookie, snacks made of glutinous rice, etc. Long-haul cycling groups are supplied by GuilinCylingHolidays with one or two time’s coffee every cycling day. Coffee is very good to regain our strength but only few Chinese enjoy that, so it’s not easy to purchase when we bike to those small places, so the leader and driver will buy some instant one when available and offer you that when hotels do not supply this for breakfast.

Get supported when cycling in China, water, snacks and fruit are supplied.

GuilinCyclingTours were growing very fast in few years as we have the best bike fixer in Guilin, they had worked for many brand bicycle shops like Merida, Giant, Trek, etc. before becoming our group technicians.

Our leader will notice some potential problems on your bike when we cycle together, and suggest you the proper way of getting used to our bikes. Starting our tour on bikes with potential risks is absolutely not allowed. Our technicians will install any parts brought on your own before the tour starts. Your may regard your SPD, saddle, bar, like a necessary friends and we promise that those friends are still with you even in China.

Reliable bike fixer, experienced supporting for China cycle holidays.

We will ask you about your height and habit on brakes and then change it based on your requests.  GuilinCyclingTours will bring spare bicycle parts or even the whole bicycles for long distance cycle groups in China. We do not fix puncher on the road but changing it into a new one to save guests’ valuable holiday time.

Get helped anytime when you need during cycling in China.

Mr. Bai (top bike technician of Guilin city) is fixing a puncture in the muddy road. 

 For an 11-16 days bike holiday in China, usually we will arrange a rest day in the middle of the tour, we will have a big maintains on bicycles and make sure a safe and comfortable feeling on the bikes. We wash the bikes every 1-2 days especially on rainy seasons to make sure the stepping is comfortable.