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GuilinCyclingTours has very high standard on the maintains on the bicycles, no matter they are used for a short half day trip or a two weeks bike holiday in China, we understand that cycle with a bike on poor condition is like cycle with bombs! The potential risks will bring big troubles and conflicts between the tour organizer and participants.

High Quality Mountain Bikes in Guilin, Bike Rental Guilin Yangshuo

Bicycle rentals are easy to get in many popular tourists areas like Yangshuo but most of the time they are in really poor condition or even broken but still in use because the owner do not want to pay another CNY50 to change a part while the rental fee for it is only CNY30 per day! It’s quite common to see that they never clean the chain and update the lubricant, the shifter works bad but unfixed, you are hard to stop when holding the brakes heavily, etc.

It seldom happens on our bikes. Before you complaining on the old frame of our bikes, you will find that the wheels, crank set wheels, derailleur, trains had been updated! Yes! We will change the bike parts when it broken or over wearing and update them into more advanced ones. We consider water proof, comfort level and service life as the most important facts on bikes. We have many updated brand bikes bought from bicycle shops and other self-assembled high quality bikes. It’s really a good bargain to ask us to assemble your own bikes for this tour while you can sell it back to us after the tour at a half price.

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GuilinCyclingTours has full range of size bicycles from 15’inch to 21’inch, for tours over 60KM per day, we offer disk-brakes bikes for tour participants to ensure the safety on mountain areas. And for half or one day bike trip, you can rely on our V-brakes bikes, many even guests asked us to assemble such a comfortable one after their tours or rentals! Spare inner tire, mini pump and other necessary parts will be supplied when you hire our bicycle for a self-guided vacation.