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For Self-guided Cyclists

Preparations for guided or self-guided cyclists:

a. Do not carry anything on your back while biking;

b. If your tour date is in the summer, thin trousers and long sleeve cycling jersey (or over sleeves at least) is more suitable than short one as they will protect us from the sunlight, our skin get hurt very easily when there is no shade at all.

c. A fisherman’s hat with large edge is suggested (we can use it when feel bored with the helmet and when we trek).

d. Light and thin rain coat is necessary; it also helps us to keep warm while cycling down from the mountains.

e. The food here (also in many southern part of China) is mainly salty, there is too much type of snacks and food here, so about 1/5 of the former guest cannot digest well after tasting too much food. We are not allowed to introduce medicine to guests as it’s very sensitive between company and guest, so please bring some tablets or own medicine helps you to digest better.

f. Bring your own saddle, pedals, or helmet if you do not confident enough on ours.

g. Weigh everything and try to see if you can reduce the luggage weight. Carrying too much things on our rack and pannier and climb the super long mountain with broken road is not funny. (3-8KG is enough for multi-day guided/self-guided cycling, especially in summer).

h. Mosquitoes are common in the summer time, especially in mountain areas. They do not carry disease but itching is inevitable.

i. Most of the shuttle bus will refuse to help if you give up the cycling on halfway, as there will no space to place our bikes when there are too much bikes.

Shuttle bus in China and bikes.

Tips on hotels and meals for budget cyclists:

a. Most of the hotels on the road are basic but clean; supplying WIFI but breakfast is not included. So we will have the most common Chinese breakfast in the morning (Steam bread, traditional Chinese rice-pudding, glutinous rice and vegetable roll, rice noodle, red bean juice, soya-bean milk, etc.). There are very few bakeries in smaller towns in China, so if you have get used to western foods like coffee, cake, etc. It’s not a pleasant to walk up in the morning without them but it’s the fact in China.

Breakfast for cycling in China

b. There will be some hostels booked if your tour budget is under certain level; a guided cycle with us for many days is not extremely cheap. Some dormitories in the hostel do not offer tooth brush or tower, so don’t forget to bring your own one.

Hotels in small towns in China.

c. While cycling on the road we will have most of the common fast food (Chinese one) for lunch, but our bike leaders will introduce some traditional snacks and more expensive restaurant when possible. Usually dinner is arranged in restaurants in the hotel or featured one in the resting town. We promise to offer you the best meals based on the money you paid.

d. If you are picky on food (some people missing western food a lot when cycle in China), we can try to find some bakery or super market to buy some closer to western ones.

e. Please bring a one-time–use sandal, in case that the hotels do not offer it. Or it’s ok not bringing it as we can take shower bare foot.